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Over the years, thousands of singles have joined Julianna & Friends. Many have met someone special for a friendship that has filled a space in their lives. Some have gone on to marry and these weddings are always a special occasion for the club.

Julianna & Friends is a smart and easy solution for meeting like-minded single people and making meaningful connection.

As social beings, we need to feel deeply connected with others to thrive. That means spending face-time with compatible people. At Julianna & Friends we’re co-creating communities that open us up and fill up our lives with purpose.

Many of us long for that heart to heart connection. A knowing that we are unique. Knowing that we belong and we are seen and heard.

At Julianna & Friends we’re free to express ourselves to serve others and enjoy the rewards of generosity and sharing.

That in turn opens the door for us to share our truest natures, our vulnerabilities, our unique thoughts, our talents and our gifts.

To maintain good health we need to connect to one another in person, face to face.

When we socialize with like-minded people – sharing a drink after work, playing tennis, enjoying a night out at the theatre or the opera, walking, boating, trips away, tasting good wine, kayaking, sharing a delicious meal with friends – we are doing wonderful things to our brains and cardio vascular systems.

In the past, this type of face to face socialising was the norm. But the world has changed.

While electronic networking can play an important role in improving our world and enhancing our lives, it can’t completely replace physical contact.

As human beings we need and enjoy connecting the old fashioned way, in person, face to face through eye contact - so we can see what the other person really looks like. Through physical contact we can breathe in their pheromones and feel the chemistry lift us up on the wings of a thousand butterflies.

Through isolation we wither. Being part of a community of like-minded single men and women like Julianna & Friends, we collectively experience a deep sense of belonging, purpose and joy.

Julianna & Friends makes it easy for you to meet qualified people who are genuine and share your values. We do the sifting and shifting for you, saving your valuable time.

Clubs for singles can be safer than internet dating sites because you are part of a community of qualified and like-minded single people. You belong to a family of single friends who you regularly get together with for fun and friendship - enjoying sporting, cultural and other events for singles in and around Sydney.


Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Let me start by saying a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who attended our DRINKS AFTER WORK last Thursday. It was beautiful to see everyone enthusiastically engaging and enjoying the opportunity to socialise and get to know each other.   Being in a stunning venue with views to die for, helpful staff and quality wines for only $5 makes this one of […]

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